Jan van Gemert

Research meetings

Motivation. I have found that my time needs managing: more than 20 people (MScs, PhDs, Postdocs) want to meet with me regularly. In addition, I teach 3 classes, there are research project meetings, staff meeting, lab meetings, and appointments with others. And then I still have to find time to do my own work.

Solution. Lets try to make our meetings efficient, and follow this checklist:

  • You are responsible for planning a meeting with me.
  • Do not email me for a meeting, reserve a 30 min slot here for BSc/MSc students or for others.
  • You are responsible for your project and thus for focusing my attention where you want it to go. (ie: try to leave out points that take time but do not require my attention)
  • The 30 min will be spent like this:
    • 01 - 10 minutes: You present slides with these 4 topics: 1. One-slide recap of situation. 2. Progress (previous ToDos) 3. Problems and proposed solutions 4. Planning.
    • 10 - 25 minutes: Discussion.
    • 25 - 30 minutes: You write down concrete new ToDos online for next time.
    • 30 minutes: the meeting ends.
  • Please arrive on time and enter my office, no matter if I am in another meeting or on the phone.
  • My day is tightly packed. If for whatever reason you are late (train delay, flat tire, etc.) this is unfortunate, but please realise I cannot reschedule my appointments.

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