Jan van Gemert

Research guidelines

General research guidelines
My general research guidelines for everybody who is doing research with me.

Writing guidelines
My writing guidelines for writing a research paper. For everybody who is writing a paper or thesis with me.

Presentation guidelines
My presentation guidelines for giving a presentation.

Poster guidelines
My poster guidelines for presenting a scientific poster; example, example, example, example.

Paper reviewing guidelines (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, ...)
review guidelines for reviewing a scientific computer vision paper.

Paper rebuttal guidelines (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, ...)
My rebuttal guidelines for writing a rebuttal for a scientific computer vision conference paper.


  • Try to automate all graphs/figures that you create. I prefer Matplotlib; it can output high-quality PDF graphs that can directly be included in latex files.
  • If you really cannot automate the figure, then I recommend Inkscape for high quality vector graphics (which also export to PDF).
  • Use git for version control of your latex documents but also of your code
  • Are you training deep networks? Unfortunately, significant time goes to hyper parameter tuning. Please be prepared to follow A Recipe for Training Neural Networks
  • Excellent advise on How to write the Related Work section of a scientific article.

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