Jan van Gemert

Research meetings

To make scheduling a meeting with me easier, you can reserve a 30 min slot here.

If you prefer to meet online, please email me a Zoom or Teams link. If we meet physically, then just enter my office, no matter if I am in another meeting or on the phone.

If you are writing a thesis/paper with me, please follow the following format:
  • You start the meeting by giving a short presentation taking no longer than half of the scheduled time.
  • Slide 1: the current "high level story line", for what a "story line" is, please refer to my Research paper template. The story line makes sure that we are all still aware of the topic and direction, which is important as the direction (and thus the story line) will change over time.
  • Slide 2: Quick reminder of what part of the story line you will now present, and possibly any agreements that we made last time.
  • Remaining slides are for content. Put the answer to the typical questions I ask on the slide, if relevant.
  • If you present results, make sure to explicitly write down all conclusions you draw from these results on the slide.

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